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    Head side of a blue weeping angel in a crypt of Chapman H. Hyams in Metairie Cemetery. New Orleans, Louisiana.

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    Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896) - Moon Nymph

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    Greta Garbo

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    Love Hotel (1968) Shinya Yamamoto

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    it’s called the Doctrine of Signatures!

    so cool

    Health is wealth.

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    Raquel Welch

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    In this file image taken on April 1972, students participate in a weekly military drill for students of the Ming Chuan College of Commerce for Girls, in Taipei, Taiwan. Signs that Taiwan was preparing for possible war with China were once everywhere: huge posters calling for liberating the Chinese mainland and lengthy school yard drills training students to fight the communist enemy. 

    photo by Horst Faas

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    Hairpin Banksia Beautiful gorgeous amazing


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    **The Cap of Coprino Beautiful gorgeous amazing


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    Aloinopsis malherbei Beautiful gorgeous amazing


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    Le jardin secret de Beautiful gorgeous amazing