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    touchn2btouched share moments

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    Dear Mr. Johnson: we are pleased to announce you have been accepted by the University of North Dakota


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    I can’t relax in Germany!

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    © Wolf Strache, Nov. 23, 1943, Berlin Kurfürstendamm

    Wolf Strache considered this iconic image taken during WWII one of his best photographs and it has become a symbol of that time. The original negative was confiscated shortly after its production and Strache made another negative in the 1970s with which he made later prints. The sign advertising the film Reise in die Vergangenheit (Trip to the Past) makes the image all the more poignant. (+)

    » find more photos of World War 2 here «

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    Ohara Koson

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    Head side of a blue weeping angel in a crypt of Chapman H. Hyams in Metairie Cemetery. New Orleans, Louisiana.

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    Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896) - Moon Nymph

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    Greta Garbo

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    Love Hotel (1968) Shinya Yamamoto

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    it’s called the Doctrine of Signatures!

    so cool

    Health is wealth.

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    Raquel Welch

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    In this file image taken on April 1972, students participate in a weekly military drill for students of the Ming Chuan College of Commerce for Girls, in Taipei, Taiwan. Signs that Taiwan was preparing for possible war with China were once everywhere: huge posters calling for liberating the Chinese mainland and lengthy school yard drills training students to fight the communist enemy. 

    photo by Horst Faas

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